BAAM Games

About BAAM Games

BAAM Games is a gaming channel dedicated to simply having fun and not taking itself too seriously...usually.

It is ran by Scott (that's me!) as a hobby and is focused on games that have been enjoyed in the past and are being replayed, or newer games that are currently being enjoyed for the first time. The majority of games played at RPGs, APRGs and some strategy too. I am in no way an expert in any of the games played and I play for the genuine enjoyment from them more than the challenges they may pose.

I do attempt to record in a manner that allows the video to be minimised and just listened too if that is how you wish to consume my content. This is not always possible of course, but the effort is made none the less as I know some people do prefer to listen rather than watch. I always try and explain my in game choices as often as possible and my reasoning behind them too to aid this.

I hope you're entertained by each and every video uploaded, and all feedback is welcome.